What to Know if You're Wheelchair Bound Due to Lymphedema After Uterine Cancer Treatment

One of the potential side effects of uterine cancer treatment is lymphedema, particularly when lymph nodes in the groin are removed as part of the cancer treatment. Sometimes, radiation alone can also affect the lymph nodes and cause secondary lymphedema. Primary lymphedema is when someone is born with the condition. Lymphedema occurs when excess fluid in the lymph vessels, which should eventually return to the bloodstream, gets blocked and results in localized swelling.

3 Safety Tips For Renting A Taxi

Regardless if you're traveling across the country or just need a ride, you may need to rely on a taxi at some point. This will allow you to reach your destination with ease. However, you will want to practice safety at all times to ensure your well-being. Knowing the things you should or shouldn't do when using this service can be extremely beneficial to you. Tip #1: Call a taxi

One Type Of Airport Transportation You Might Not Expect — The Shuttle To The Car Rental Area

For many people, airport transportation describes taking a shuttle, taxi, or car service to your home or hotel and the airport terminal. However, there's another type of airport transportation that you might need to use during your next trip. If you'll be renting a car soon after you touch down, the process might not be as simple as walking over to the appropriate car rental desk and completing the paperwork. Instead, you'll occasionally have to hop on a shuttle and ride it across the airport property to where the car rental area is set up.

The Pros And Cons Of Taking A DOT Compliance Seminar

If you own a fleet of big rigs, you may have a DOT compliance review or audit scheduled. The Department of Transportation, or DOT, schedules these reviews based on many factors. You may have simply been randomly selected, had numerous accidents, or had multiple roadside inspections with violations. Regardless, when a DOT compliance review or audit is scheduled, you want to ensure that all of your trucks can pass the review.

Secure Transportation With Minimal Stress - Advantages Of Hiring An Over Dimensional Freight Service

The process of securely shipping items across the expanse of the country has long been a vital part of keeping the economy running. However, the majority of shipping tasks are relatively simple and free of challenges. Items of a standard size can be safely transported without much concern. Oversized items, however, represent a larger challenge. Whether you need to transport heavy equipment, structural components, or even an entire home, some thing may not be able to be disassembled in a way that's logical or productive.