The Pros And Cons Of Taking A DOT Compliance Seminar

If you own a fleet of big rigs, you may have a DOT compliance review or audit scheduled. The Department of Transportation, or DOT, schedules these reviews based on many factors. You may have simply been randomly selected, had numerous accidents, or had multiple roadside inspections with violations. Regardless, when a DOT compliance review or audit is scheduled, you want to ensure that all of your trucks can pass the review. If they cannot, they can be sidelined until they are compliant, which can cost you money.

There are many ways you can prepare for a DOT compliance review. One way is to participate in a DOT compliance seminar. Learning the pros and cons of doing this may help you determine if it is right for your business. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of taking a DOT compliance seminar. 

The Cons of Taking a DOT Compliance Seminar

You Do Not Get Individual Guidance

As you are looking to learn more about DOT compliance, one of your options may be to hire a company that comes around and checks your trucks for compliance and works with you to ensure they pass. This helps you to get individual guidance based on your needs and fleet. However, this can be costly, making a general seminar more appealing. But one of the downsides to taking a DOT compliance seminar is that you do not get this individual guidance. You are in a class with other professionals learning the general rules behind DOT compliance. 

There May Not be a Seminar Before Your Audit

The other disadvantage to taking a DOT compliance seminar is that there may not be one available before your audit. Depending on the area you live in, there may only be one seminar every two or three months. If your audit is before then, one of these seminars may not help you if you are solely looking to learn before your audit date comes. 

The Pros of Taking a DOT Compliance Seminar

You Learn the General Guidelines for DOT Compliance

The biggest benefit to taking a DOT compliance seminar is that you learn the general guidelines for DOT compliance. There may be rules or laws that you are unfamiliar with or unaware of. Taking one of these courses helps you to learn, which can help you to ensure your trucks are in compliance with DOT regulations. 

Cost Effective

The other advantage to taking a DOT compliance seminar is that it is cost-effective. Hiring someone to come to your parking lot and inspect your fleet may be ideal, but it can be costly. If you are willing to invest the time, one of these courses can help you learn what you need to at a much lower price point. 

If you have received a notice of a DOT compliance inspection or audit, you may be worried. However, there are many things you can do to prepare yourself, your drivers and your trucks for the audit. A DOT compliance help seminar may be helpful to you.