The Services Of A Workers' Compensation Transportation Company

Does your business involve your employees performing dangerous tasks that have a high risk of an injury occurring? If you already have workers' compensation insurance in place but want to provide additional services for injured employees, consider their transportation needs. For example, it can be difficult for an injured employee to get to and from doctors' appointments if he or she is temporarily unable to drive or does not have transportation. You can contact a workers' compensation transportation company for assistance with transporting your injured employees for their non-emergency needs. A transportation company provides many convenient services that can help your injured employees while they are going through the healing process.

Comfortable Transportation to Medical Appointments

When someone is suffering from a job injury, it can be difficult to sit upright in a vehicle when traveling to doctors' appointments. The advantage of obtaining the services of a workers' compensation transportation company is that comfortable accommodations can be provided. For example, if your injured employee has an injured back that is painful, the transportation service can provide a stretcher. Your employee will be able to lie down on the stretcher while he or she is being transported to reduce the amount of strain on his or her back. Wheelchair-accessible vans and many other accommodations can be provided based on the needs of your injured employees.

Transportation to the Pharmacy and Other Stops

Other than transportation to medical appointments, your injured employees might need to go to other places as well. For example, after getting prescribed medication at medical appointments, a stop by the pharmacy might be needed. Workers' compensation transportation companies can give your employees rides to the pharmacy on the way from medical appointments. Even if your employees do not want to go to the pharmacy immediately after an appointment, they can call the transportation company later. Other stops can be made as well, but the stops must be one of the approved services that are provided.

Long-Distance Transportation for Special Medical Care

Sometimes medical care is needed in a different city or state, such as when an injury needs to be treated at a specific facility or by a specialist. Workers' compensation transportation companies can provide long-distance travel services to your employees. For example, air transport services can be provided that include a nurse to assist your employees while they are in the aircraft. For a detailed explanation of the services provided, contact a workers' compensation transportation company, like Safe Ride Transportation.