Why You Need An Oversize Permit For Your Big Rig

There are times when you drive a rig that is larger than the one you normally take out on the roads. On the same thread, you may have a load that is extra wide or long. When these things happen, you need to get oversize permits, permits that are needed on top of your regular driving permits. What are oversize permits? Why do you need one? How much do oversize permits cost? Here is a guide to help make sense of these necessities; further questions can be brought to your state's DMV or transportation departments.

What are oversize permits?

An oversize permit is a permit that allows an extra long, heavy, or wide truck or load to be on the road. When your rig creates a possible road obstruction due to what you're transporting or requires special transportation support, you need to have a permit to legally drive the rig.

Oversize permits and overweight permits are similar, and each refer to the loads that are being transported. You'll need a permit for either an extra tall, long, wide, or heavy load that exceeds legal limits.

Why do you need oversize permits?

If you have a load that requires oversize permits, you should pay heed. First of all, it's illegal to travel with a too-large vehicle or load without having the unit approved for transport via oversize permits. There are other benefits to having the permit, including getting routes for transport that can help make your transportation needs easier, oversize and overweight load signage for your rig, and other benefits to make traveling easier for you.

How much do oversize permits cost?

Prices vary for oversize permits and the accompanying processing fees, but in general, expect your oversize permits to cost anywhere from $15 to $70 or more. There may be processing fees associated with getting the permits. If you buy your permits online, allow a few days to receive the permits so you have them when you travel. You can also get these permits in-person at various state locations. You may need to get oversize permits in each state you go to, depending on certain factors.

Oversize permits are permits you'll need periodically, or more often if you will be consistently hauling larger loads. Become familiar with both oversize permits and overweight permits so you can make getting these permits much easier. Hold onto purchase receipts since you can forward permit costs to your employer if you are not an independent contractor.