Airport Parking Probs: Where To Turn

Imagine this; You and your family are on your way to the airport headed towards a warm place where you will be catching a cruise ship. You are running a bit behind since there was an accident on the road, and stress levels are rising with each passing moment. When you get near the airport there is a bit of construction, making finding your exit for parking more difficult than you had planned on. You end up parking your car in the closest parking lot, deciding that paying more for parking would be cheaper than missing your flight. Upon return from your expensive trip, you have to pay for parking which cleans out the last of your trip savings. Sounds realistic, right? Airport parking never seems to be convenient, no matter how much you travel. Fortunately, airport transportation services are available to make your entire trip go more smoothly. 

There are many different options to turn to when you are in the need of a ride to the airport. The costs vary based on where you are and how far you need to travel, but in general, the prices are as follows.

Arriving by Bus

Taking public transit is definitely the cheapest way to get to most places. Subways, trains, and busses all run on their own schedules, so they are also the least flexible. Obviously the fare will depend greatly on your starting location in relation to the airport, but most people can probably get to the airport for under $20.


A shuttle is a bus that either goes directly from point A to point B or stops along the way to pick up more than one person. Direct shuttles usually cost around $60-$80, while the cost of ridesharing depends on how many people need a ride that day. If the shuttle is full of people sharing a ride, you may end up paying less than $20 for the whole excursion.

Taxi, Uber, or Lyft

A taxi is a wonderful service if you are on the go and needing to go a short distance. If you are trying to go a moderate to long-distance, however, they can get quite pricey. This is due to the fact that the fare is based on time instead of distance. Getting into traffic, for example, would make your fare skyrocket. Uber and Lyft (on-demand rides) are popular because they are so easy to order and the fare is based on the trip.


A black car service is based on the distance. This comfortable option can be great for planned trips and big groups.

In conclusion, there is really no need to ever park your car at the airport. It will likely be cheaper to use one of the airport transportation services. To learn more about airport transportation services, consult a resource in your area.