Airport Transportation Options To Consider When Flying Out Of Seatac

As you plan a trip away from home, you will need to schedule time off from work, arrange a pet sitter for any pets you are leaving at home, and also ask someone to check on your home and collect your mail while you are gone. But after all the home-based arrangements are made, you still need to think about getting to the airport on time so you can catch your flight and start your trip on a good note. Here are some options to think about when you are planning how you will get to and from the airport for your next trip.

Park Your Vehicle

When traveling to the airport to catch your flight, one option is to drive your own vehicle and park it in airport parking until your return flight. This option makes the trip most convenient for you because you have your own vehicle ready for you when you return and you don't have to wait for anyone to pick you up, catch a taxi or shuttle, or rent a vehicle: you just get into your vehicle and leave. However, you need to select a good long-term parking lot to keep your vehicle in while you are away. And you don't want to park your vehicle in just any parking lot because there is a risk of your vehicle being unattended and getting vandalized.

Fortunately, there are many nearby airport parking lots that are monitored for security and safety and that provide shuttle bus services to and from the airport to the parking lot. You can look for a covered parking garage, use valet parking when you arrive, or park your vehicle in an outdoor self-park lot. Some parking lots also provide additional services for your vehicle while you are away, such as vehicle wash and detailing.

To help you save on some of the costs, you might want to consider prepaying your parking at Seatac in advance or you can also opt to pay when you leave after your return flight. You can often find discounts online when you make your parking reservations before your scheduled flight date. Also be sure to check into your eligibility and availability of discounts, such as military, government, AAA, and senior citizen discounts.

Rent Transportation

A second option to get you to the airport is to hire an airport shuttle, which can pick you up at your home and deliver you directly to the departure gate at the airport. Shuttle services vary in price and fees, so do some checking around to find a competitive price before you arrange for service.

You can also hire a driver service using an on-demand app on your smartphone. This type of service is similar to hiring a taxi but without the same high cost, and you still get a personal service from your home right to the airport departure gate.

Travel by Rail

If you don't have a vehicle to drive to the airport, you can travel there via rail. For example, did you know there is a link light rail that travels through the surrounding area from the University of Washington directly into the SeaTac airport? This allows you to catch a local light rail nearest to your home and take it right to the airport.

Depending on the time of day you use the light rail to get to the airport for your flight, light rail trains leave as frequently as every six minutes and up to every 15 minutes for your convenience. And the light rail begins its runs early in the morning and continues late into the night, as late as 1 AM on some days. Be sure to check with updated light rail travel times as you plan for your travels.