Unusual Airport Transportation Choices That Make Trains Look Boring

Airport transportation service providers like Cardinal Transportation Ltd have stepped up the game in the last decade, but you can look around the world and see operations that offer some truly unusual options. Whether you're traveling alone or bringing a large group into a city, there are a surprising number of ways to get to or from the terminal in a timely manner. These four choices will leave you with stories that will have your friends feeling a little jealous.

Venice by Boat

A number of water taxi services provide airport transportation in Venice, an accommodation that's both whimsical and practical. Marco Polo International Airport is separated from the city by a massive lagoon, and there's only one expressway into Venice. You can, of course, get on a large ferry that accommodates hundreds of people, but licensed airport transportation providers also bring in smaller and faster luxury speedboats to get travelers to their hotels. For speed and safety reasons, you will not see any gondolas at the terminal.


Motorcycle-based airport transportation is a solution to a problem that's pervasive throughout much of the world. Traffic snarls can keep travelers stuck for hours, especially in regions like the Middle East and Europe, where older road systems often don't accommodate modern demands. Service providers have found a market for folks who want to get in and out of bad traffic fast, and companies operating motorcycles are generally happy to send as many bikes as may be necessary to carry all of your luggage. Just be prepared to book in advance and pay well, because the demand in cities like Paris and Tel Aviv is heavy.

Swimming Pool

Lots of limo companies offer transportation with open-air hot tubs included with the ride, but one in Australia is actually licensed to carry travelers to and from Sydney Airport. It's not clear, however, whether a changing station is included.

The Mobile Lounge

It may only get you from your plane to the terminal, but the mobile lounge that operates at Dulles International near Washington, D.C., is still a surprise for many travelers. It looks like a jacked up shuttle bus, but the mobile lounge contains everything needed to handle ticketing and baggage claims. The vehicles are also designed to interface with the unique terminals at the airport, but many people flying with budget airlines won't have the chance to ride in them due to compatibility issues with planes.