Making Meetings With Greater Ease And Comfort

Private charter flights have the advantage of bypassing a lot of airline terminal traffic, or at least being more flexible with takeoff times. There are a lot of choices when picking a charter flight program, from comfort and in-flight features to the types of routes available. Before settling on any flight team, consider a few private charter options that could make the difference.

Light Jet Features

If you're flying solo or with a team of less than 8 people, a light jet is your choice. These small jets are great for flights under 4 hours, and you won't have to wait for a large group of flyers to fill the plane. Large charter flights aren't anywhere near as inconvenient as commercial or military space available flights, but if getting seated and on the way is your priority, light jets are the way to go.

Compared to larger jets, you have to pay more for large room features on smaller jets. There's just less space on the frame to convert into other features, such as spacious cabins for multiple passengers and meeting rooms. The lavatory options are still luxury, but light jets are the option for entry level luxury while getting the best of quick departures.

If you want a dedicated charter agreement, these are also the most affordable options with the better chance of asking for a specific flight crew without breaking into another tax bracket.

Mid-Size Jets

Jets such as the Embraer Legacy 500 and the Hawker Beechcraft 800XP has larger cabins with decent walking and standing room. These are the jets to choose for a lot of leg room and bigger group travel. For businesses that need a few executives or department representatives to travel, mid-size is the choice.

This is where most charter pools begin. Charter pools or charter card programs are basically membership programs for private flights, and there are membership controls that deliver a quality experience to passengers while weeding out the rowdy fliers --even the rich ones.

If you're a party person and know that your flight won't be exactly calm and peaceful, you can reserve mid-size flights for your group. It's best to plan ahead by calling months in advance and having the costs for each seat covered if you're not buying or leasing these larger jets outright.

Larger jets are basically a way to move a larger number of passengers at a more privileged level than standard commercial jets. You join a membership program in most cases, and can enjoy a more detailed touch of luxury and security while still being with a bigger group of travelers. That said, if you want to lease a heavy jet, such flights are ready at major airports and can be ready to fly internationally.

Contact a private charter jet professional like Silverhawk Aviation to either dodge the standard commercial lines, or to get a personalized flight experience.