Renting Your Bus Charter With The Environment In Mind

If you are planning a large trip with a sightseeing group or with a number of students and senior citizens, then a charter bus rental may be advantageous when it comes to keeping costs down. The bus trip can also be an environmentally friendly one. If you want to make sure that you are as friendly to the environment as possible, then keep reading to find out exactly how you should choose your charter. 

Go With A Biodiesel Variety

Many types of large commercial vehicles are being constructed so that they use less fuel. While some buses and other vehicles are hybrid varieties that use some electricity while they travel, these vehicles are not as energy efficient as they can be due to their extensive power and fuel needs. This is why buses and charters are often made to run off biodiesel fuels instead. 

Biodiesel fuel is an alternative and renewable fuel made from animal fat, recycled restaurant grease, or vegetable oil. The fuel can be used in compression-ignition engines, like the ones that typically use diesel petroleum fuels. Since most buses run on diesel, biodiesel is a great alternative for charter buses. 

Biodiesel is environmentally friendly because it reduces the release of carbon dioxide into the air by 74% when compared to diesel. Biodiesel fuel can actually enhance the function of bus engines so that they are more efficient, and it can also reduce the environmental impacts and need for petroleum fuel supplies. 

If possible, look for buses that are powered by biodiesel fuels made from recycled restaurant grease wastes. These fuels are the most environmentally friendly, since they are produced from recycled materials that would normally end up in your local landfill. 

Find The Right-Sized Bus

If you have already looked at the types of charter buses that you can rent, then you may have noticed the different sizes that are available to you. The sizes vary based on the number of seats in the bus as well as the number of passengers that can be held comfortably inside. Basically, the bigger the bus, the more people it can hold. However, you should understand that bigger buses require more fuel to run. If you want to reduce waste, then you should pick the bus that is the exact size you need.

Make sure that all members of your group RSVP for the trip well in advance so you have an exact event attendance number. With this number in mind, rent the van, coach, trolley, mini-bus, or large-scale motorcoach that you need. In some cases, charter companies will have larger buses that seat well over 50 people. If you have 50 people or more going on the trip, then rent one of these buses instead of opting for two smaller buses to reduce fuel usage.