3 Ways To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

Shipping your car is one way of ensuring that it arrives safely and without the wear and tear of driving across country with it. Before shipping your car though, you have to prepare it for the journey. Here are some preparation steps you can take in the days leading up to the shipment.  

Talk to the Carrier

Before your car is loaded for shipping, you need to be clear on what you can expect from the carrier. Now is the time to ask about safeguards that are going to be taken to ensure your car arrives in good condition. In addition to this, you need to know how much protection the carrier's insurance company will provide for your car if there is an accident.  

When talking to the carrier, you can also find out if there are any last minute instructions you need to follow before your car leaves for its destination. If the carrier has any additional instructions or requirements that need to be met, try to have them completed before the car leaves.  

Clean Your Car

Washing your car thoroughly might seem like a waste since your car will be packed away during shipping, but there are a couple of good reasons for doing so.  

If you wash your car, you can conduct a closer inspection of the car to determine if there are any issues with it before shipping it. You can even take pictures. Once your car reaches its destination, you can use the pictures to determine if your car is in the same condition as it was when it left.  

Washing your car also protects its finish. Removing dirt and other grime that is on your car's surface helps to keep those substances from causing deteroriation of the surface. Adding a protective wax can help protect your car in case it is exposed to moisture.  

Check for Mechanical Issues

Once your car arrives at its destination, you do not want to be delayed in getting it home by mechanical issues. Before shipping it, take the time to check the fluids that are in the car and even top them off, if needed. You should also have the battery charged and the tires inflated.  

Empty your car's fuel tank to avoid adding weight while it is being transported. If you want to leave gas in the tank, talk to the carrier about how much is recommended. Contact a company like Metti International Vehicle Transport and Car Shipping to learn more.