5 Ways To Make Your Family's Taxi Ride From The Airport Less Stressful

While traveling is typically an exciting experience, family vacations also tend to come with their fair share of stress. Taking the time to make general plans for the trip and sticking to a budget are both helpful stress relievers – and you can take some of the stress out of your taxi travel once you arrive to your destination with the help of these tips and tricks:

Make a Reservation

There are almost always taxi cabs waiting at airports to take tired travelers where they need to go, and there are also lots of travelers working hard to get the attention of the next available cab that pulls up. Instead of fighting the crowds to grab a cab that can accommodate your family, skip the commotion and make a reservation before you ever leave home.

Specify a reservation time that is at least 30 minutes out from the time you land so you have time to collect your baggage and get to the taxi pickup area before your cab arrives. This will ensure that you're there before the taxi gets there so nobody can intercept your ride before you have a chance to find your transportation and get boarded.

Plan for Luggage Transport

If you and your family are traveling with oversized luggage or several pieces of baggage, it's a good idea to let the taxi service know just how much stuff needs to be transported with you in the cab. This will ensure that the company sends the right sized vehicle, or point you in the direction of a company that can accommodate the amount of luggage that needs to travel with you.

If you are traveling with really large items like surfboards or bicycles, consider hiring a moving agency or courier service to pick your stuff up and have it delivered to your hotel or other destination before you meet up with your taxi. This can help to minimize any transportation delays and ensure that your belongings arrive to your destination safely.

Map Out Your Route

It's helpful to map out your travel route from the airport to your destination so that you are familiar with the geographical layout and street names. This will come in handy if your taxi driver offers you multiple travel options, and if you are familiar with the area you can more easily suggest alternative routes if you experience traffic or decide to stop at a store or other facility on the way to your destination.

Use a Sign to Stand Out

It can be tough not to worry about your cab driver accidentally picking someone else up while on the way to the airport's taxi zone, but you can wash away any anxieties that might creep up by making a small colorful sign to hold up at the curb where you are supposed to wait for transport. Ask the taxi company what the identification number of the cab is that will be picking you up so you can write it down on your sign. The company can let the driver know to look for the corresponding number when picking you up.

Leave an Appreciative Tip

Leaving a tip for the driver once you arrive at your destination safe and sound relieves some stress because it's something you can feel good about. By asking for your cab driver's direct business contact information while offering the tip, or learning how to request their services through the company, you'll create a personable and stress-free transportation option to take advantage of throughout your travel adventures.

With a little foresight and preparation, traveling to and from your destination doesn't have to be long and drawn out, costly, or stressful whether in the air or on the road.