Tweens In Limousines: How To Throw The Ultimate Traveling Birthday Event

Although they'd love to do everything teens are allowed to do, tweens simply aren't old enough for the responsibility. But that doesn't mean that your tween has to feel like a child on their upcoming birthday – consider throwing an ultimate traveling limo party that your growing youngster won't soon forget. Here is a basic outline you can use to make your tween's birthday party come to life:

Decorating the Interior

Decorating the interior of your rented party limousine to look like a mini dance club is a great way to make your tween feel grown up for the night in a safe and supervised environment. Color can have an affect on peoples' moods so choose bright colors to decorate with that invoke energy like, red and orange, as well as shades that encourage happiness, such as yellow.

Consider hanging colorful Christmas light strings along the border of the interior roof as well as paper disco balls decorated with silver glitter or reflective paper. Place cool seat covers in the cabin designed to look like they have graffiti on them, and hang swanky posters on the side windows if possible.

Planning a Travel Route

Because the party will be taking place in the actual limousine, there isn't a need to find any brick and mortar locations to visit during the event. But it is helpful to provide the limousine driver with a travel route you'd like to take so that they know exactly where they'll be going for the night, and so you can get an idea of how much the rental will cost for the night.

While planning your route, choose a public location like the park to use as a pit stop so you can present the candles and open presents where it isn't as crowded as the interior of the limousine. The limousine company you hire should be able to provide you with some convenient options that are in the vicinity of where you want to travel. If possible, map out a travel route that passes by brightly lit businesses, a lake, or other attractions that will provide some extra entertainment during the party.

Incorporating Fun Games

What's a good party without plenty of fun and games to enjoy? Just because the party is being held inside a limousine doesn't mean that you can't incorporate a few party games for everyone to participate in. Go for games like movie trivia and poker to make the activities feel sophisticated for the tweens in attendance. You can make game time more exciting by awarding prizes like DVDs and movie tickets to the winners, and fun trinkets such as temporary tattoos to everyone who participates.

Taking Care of Refreshments

There probably won't be a lot of room for a full spread of food inside the limousine, so opt for things like hot dogs wrapped in foil, small bags of chips, fresh fruit, and sparkling cider for refreshments. These things can be kept in a hot bag and a cooler, taking up minimal floor space in the corner of the cabin. You can also provide each party guest with their own small goodie bag full of snacks, like popcorn and gummy bears, at the beginning of the event so they can snack at their own convenience.

Documenting the Birthday Event

There is no doubt that your tween will want to remember their big birthday bash for years to come, and the best way to do that is to document it through photos and videos. You can take charge of the video camera, capturing all of the important aspects like blowing out the candles. Give a disposable camera to each party guest so they can take photos throughout the party through their personal perspective, then you can have the film developed and use the photos to create a keepsake book for your tween to hold on to.

With help from these tips and tricks, your tween's traveling limo party is sure to create wonderful memories that last a lifetime. For more information, check out companies like Millanio Limo  to see what rules they may have.